Sunday, March 26, 2006

Welcome All

Welcome to the Cass-Union blog. This blog has been created to assist and contribute to a dialog that will enhance and clarify the Cass-Union School experience for all who attended that institution. Cass-Union School is located in Randolph Township, Ohio County, Indiana. It has been shut down years ago and is now in a terrible state of disrepair. This blog is the first of many on-line contributions of the Friends of Cass Union School (FOCUS). In the coming months and years FOCUS will take an active role in the restoration of Cass Union School.

If you attended Cass Union School please contribute. FOCUS needs mainly written contributions and exchanges of information in order to establish a data base of interested and involved former students. In the future FOCUS will establish its long term goals for restoration.

It will be an adventure that will transform the old building. Hope you can be a part of it.


Blogger Donald Potter said...

Hi Chuck,

I am really looking forward to hearing from some of our classmates. I was an elementary school teacher for 16 years, following in the the footsteps of Uncle Albert. Now I know what he had to put up with and appreciate more than ever the great job he did teaching me!! Working together we can overcome every obstacle, and restore the old school to her former glory. Check out my web site

Don - Country Boy - Potter

2:45 PM

Blogger Ken Potter said...


My dad Albert Potter was the principal and my chief tormentor for a number of years, seeing as how he held the paddle, and I couldn't stay out of mischief. Glad to see you've started that blog. I'll look forward to seeing who shows up on it. By the way, wasn't Cass-Union in Cass Township? The kids in Randolph Township all went to Rising Sun for elementary school. The kids in whatever the fourth township was went to Freedom School in Bear Branch.

Ken Potter (who graduated from Cass-Union in 1955)

3:18 PM

Blogger pam evans said...

Hello I am Pam Evans and I went to Cass Union Ele in 1964 Mrs. Cook was my first grade teacher she gave us all a candy bar a three muskateer to be exact when we learned to tye our shoes. Mrs Griffth was my 2nd and third grade teacher and she was so kind I remember when my cousin Richard Hutchinson was killed in vietnam in March 1968 we were at recess and my mothers car pulled into the parking lot and I knew something was wrong. She went straight to the class room and I went inside (which wasn't allowed) Mrs. Griffth was crying and so was my mom and Aunt Sandy you see they had come to pick us up to take us home because of my cousin death and Mrs. Griffths son was in Vietnam at the time very tragic memory for me but one I will never forget. I remember Mrs. Bailey she lived across the street from the school and then there was Mr. Grey he would cut a switch from the trees in the play ground and walk down the asiles of desk and swicth every few kids on the legs just as a reminder that he had the switch and would and could use it. and then there was the ladies in the cafateria could those ladies cook. they served up some of the best tasting meals I have ever eaten in my life. from Beaula Waltons fresh baked rolls to her pizza it was awesomw I still to this day serve my two grown sons farmer brown special and they now serve it to thier children. If only every kid in America could have the simple yet complex education I and my sisters and brothers got there in that tiny four room school the world would be a lot better place. I also want to mention Bill Hayes the janitor he was a hoot always a jokster. we all would be better off if there was more Cass Union Schools. and I remember the school nurse Mrs. Slack she was so pretty I knew for sure she must of been a bueaty queen at some time in her life. and geez there was luanne the school secatary she was fun to walk around the building with on recess. I want to thank you Mr. Potter for taking me down memory lane and I would love to see the ole building shine as she did in her glory again one day. One last mention of the bus driver Russell Leggitt he drove that bus for what fifty yrs at least and on the last day of school he gave every kid on that bus I think a quarter and stopped at the general store so we could all get a great treat THANK YOU

8:07 AM


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