Thursday, March 30, 2006

Huckster Wagon

Hubert (Hube) Wiley drove the huckster wagon for Grant Jenkins of Jenkins General Store. Does anyone have memories of running out to the huckster wagon and begging for candy? He would throw out only 3-4 pieces per trip, but we kids thought it was like manna from heaven. We used to get so excited about it.


Blogger Donald Potter said...

I sure do remember the Huckster Wagon. He would drive by the sided of the building near the basketball court and throw out candy. We would all rush like crazy to get what we could. It was great when he would stop by the house to sell us things. It was a regular store on wheels.

1:46 PM

Blogger Chuck S said...

We had two hucksters in Aberdeen, but Hube Wiley is the one we all remember. He would throw out 3-4 pieces of candy and we would all go crazy over it.

9:35 PM

Blogger Leslie Aldred said...

Hello! My name is Leslie Aldred, granddaughter of Eleanor Wiley Aldred. My grandmother, Eleanor, was the daughter of Hube Wiley and has spoke often of the Huckster Wagon! She would be so very pleased to see a photo of the wagon, but I can't find a photo anywhere!
If you have ANY information or how I may be able to track down a photo for her, I would greatly appreciate it! I did read your posts to her over Christmas, and she was so very pleased and honored to hear about your fond memories of her father!
Many thanks for the posting!
Leslie Aldred

2:56 PM


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