Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Favorite Teachers

Yes, we all had one. Mine was Albert Potter, the principal or should that be principal teacher?
He taught us the basics and he always knew that we enjoyed recess. I used to like the way he would read to us every afternoon from the book Uncle Tom Andy Bill. I thought it was Bears of Blue River, but after recently reading that book I knew that I was wrong all these years.

Sadly, Mr. Potter passed away a few years ago. We will all miss him.


Blogger Donald Potter said...

I believe Mrs. Pearl Monroe read The Bears of Blue River to us. It was written by Charles Majors in 1900. I bought a copy at a used bookstore a few years ago. My dad, Orson Potter, remembers Mrs. Monroe reading it. He says that always she cried at one part and had to have a student finish that chapter. I read it to my son back in about 1980, and distinctly remember weeping when I got to the sad part. The book is still worth reading. Indiana University has republished it. Uncle Tom Andy Bill was a follow up. The setting for The Bears of Blue River was around Brookville, Indiana. I finished reading it to my dad on 3/18/04 when he was here in TX for a visit.

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